AXON – Tracker Geo-information System (GIS)

Herewith we would like to introduce the AXON – Tracker modular system. The basic functionality is a Geo Information System (GIS) with numerous functionalities. With the AXON – Tracker it is possible to organize, edit and visualize captured position data.

Current features

Map viewer (Tiled Map) for pre-rendered map tiles
Import of geographical location information (GPS, KML)
Visualizations detailed track information
False color display of the driving activities
Determination of photo geotags based on route information (reconstruction of the location where the photo was taken)
Export functions for high-resolution images and other data
With the AXON – Tracker it is possible to visualize and edit complex and extensive GPS data sets.

The software solution is modular and can be easily adapted to various requirements and can be integrated into existing solutions. Therefore the AXON – Tracker modular system can be precisely adapted to company-specific requirements.

Segmented map viewer
geographic location information
Visualization of complex tracking data set
False color display and visual data analysis