Individual software BohrManager

Today we would like to present a realization of an individual software, with which it was possible to optimize the business process of a medium-sized company sustainably.

The company MAXION has a diversified production profile with a high vertical range of manufacture. The largest segment is the production of drilling machines and special machines up to 50 mm drill diameter. The machines are distributed all over Europe through a wide network of dealers.

A constantly growing area is the contract work sector with the speciality of deep hole drilling with CNC milling machines.

It is precisely in this area that AXON Innovations has been able to optimize the workflow – from planning to production – with its custom software solution, BohrManager v1.0.0.

The starting point was a workflow that had previously been characterized by several small and inflexible tools. The dependence on third-party software and the complex adaptation to new hardware increased the workload enormously.

Our goal was to solve all these problems and create a software that is adapted to the daily workflow.

The main features are:

Import of planning data from the software “GIBcam

Setting the workpiece zero point
Coordinate transformation for inclined bores
Multi-stage sorting of the bores for an optimal processing sequence
Software own database for the administration of machines and thread data
Automatic assignment of suitable threads to the individual holes
Administrative mode for planning and restricted mode for execution
Customizable and machine-specific export of NC programs
Saving the current work status

Start screen BohrManager v1.0.0 – Easy and intuitive drag & drop operation
Import of CAM planning data e.g. “GIBcam
Graphical representation of the technologies
Flexible Maschinen Integration durch Python Skripte