Individual software vs. standard software

Who doesn’t know that? The question often arises:

Take a software off the shelf or have an individual software developed tailored to my business process.

At first glance, there is much to be said for standard software. It is:

Quickly available
Has a wide range of functions
A solution that is quickly available at a reasonable price and has a wide range of functions must be good, because you get a lot of performance for little money compared to the individual solution. By this consideration, the decision very often turns out in favour of the standard software, even if it was the wrong one from a commercial point of view.

On closer examination, the advantages of the standard solution quickly turn out to be disadvantages, since the standard software was developed for broad application and marketing. The standard software never fits exactly to the task at hand. Compromises must always be made. The large functional range of the standard software, which makes it possible to cover as many tasks as possible for a wide range of users, makes it very complex. However, a high degree of complexity requires a high degree of familiarization with the standard software, which often involves a great deal of time and training for the employees.

On closer inspection, the tailored individual software is often the better solution, since the application is directly tailored to the business process and no compromises have to be made. The individual solution is specially tailored and the integration of the application is therefore much easier. If the general conditions change in the future, an adaptation is possible at any time. Potentially required interfaces to other programs and business processes can also be integrated very easily. Compared to standard software, the training and familiarization costs are much lower. Usually a short introduction to the functionalities of the software helps.

Another aspect is the reliability of the individual solution. Due to the specially tailored range of functions, a very effective software test can be carried out, which makes it possible to create a very robust and exact program solution. A valid and robust software solution is a prerequisite for reducing or completely avoiding errors, rejects and production losses.

An individual solution for standard problems such as accounting, CRM and spreadsheet software, for example, makes little sense, as these can be covered very well by standard software. The individual solution is the means of choice for problems which are deeply rooted in the business process of the company and which simplify daily recurring processes or reduce the error and reject rate.

For an effective solution, it is important to take a holistic view of the processes in order to identify and achieve a potential increase in effectiveness.

AXON Innovations is your competent partner for the realization of an individual solution and we will be happy to advise you in order to realize a suitable solution especially tailored to your needs.