Retro-fit is the retrofitting or renewal of existing systems ( There are many reasons to continue investing in an existing system, such as:

  • The manufacturer / supplier is no longer active on the market, the risk of a failure e.g. of the electronics increases or there is no longer any maintenance.
  • There are new requirements for the hardware or software, e.g. interfaces to other systems (ERP), new / better sensors or actuators are to be used.

With our broad, yet deep expertise, we are your partner for your retro-fit.


Our customer, a company that sorts potatoes, has been using a so-called potato sorting machine since the 90s. The original manufacturer of the system, as well as the supplier of the special electronics are no longer active on the market. With each day of use, the risk of failure increases. However, since components “off the shelf” cannot be used, our customer decided to commission us with a retro-fit even before a failure was imminent. After analyzing the system on site and recording the customer’s wishes (among other things, the new software should be visually similar to the previous one in order to require less training), the implementation began.

View of the potato sorting machine

We were able to keep the actuator technology, but the load cells were replaced with new ones. The previous control system was also replaced, with a very compact one. The software now runs on an industrial Linux-based ARM system, with the advantage that this can be easily and cheaply replaced in case of doubt.

The control center: control electronics + software control
Screenshot of the software. The focus was on optical proximity to the original