The subject area of embedded systems is very broad, starting with smartwatches, dishwashers to measuring devices and much more.

The challenge of this complex of topics is very different, depending on the project it is the size (the so-called packaging), for others it is the energy consumption up to unit costs, when it goes into high-volume production. Embedded systems are always a symbiosis of different areas, comparable with a puzzle:

  • the electronics,
  • the software,
  • the design ( usability)
  • as well as the mechanics ( housing/packaging)

In our development teams, we cover all required subject areas, so that we can cover not only individual aspects but also the complete product development.


Our customer, wanted a renewal of his product, a handheld measuring device. An important requirement is the fast readout and discretization of analog values. These must be processed quickly, precisely, and correctly time stamped.

A multicore chip is used, which on the one hand runs a real-time operating system (RTOS) and on another core a Linux. Thus we are able to fulfill the requirements. The user interface could be implemented on the PC and quickly made available to the customer for acceptance. Through this technique, the so-called mockups can be incorporated very quickly into the feedback. In addition to the pure software development, we also developed a corresponding prototype system and accompanied the customer during the hardware development (this was a corresponding requirement). Our design team was also allowed to help develop the first drafts of the new housing.